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This is me

Hi there,

You probably wondering who's behind the camera and this is the place. My name is Bobby, and I moved to Houston about 7 years ago, where I have quickly grown to love this town and its people. Its nearly impossible to write a "about me" section, but let's give it a try.


 Photography is something I grew up with from both sides of the family. Either it was going out to take nature pictures, portrait pictures or event pictures. Every moment, every family, ever photo told me its own story. For me a picture is not just a snapshot, it is a second in time that captures a unique moment or memory that can bring you joy for years to come, which is why I cherish every session.

I'm a total nerd, in every way. I will tuck in my t-shirt in my jeans and where my TMNT hat. I also could, not really any more as the family is growing *So Happy*, but, would play video games day in day out. And when it comes to music, you will catch me listening everything, my music taste depends on the mood and situation I am in. 

Even thought growing up with photographers, there is a gap in my childhood memories and moments are missing. My parents migrated to Sweden and they sadly had to leave most of their belongings behind. Without any pictures, the memories were there but not captured as the years went by. Although all the memories of the past were not recorded for them, they worked hard and saved money to buy a camera so that they could capture all of the special moments of my sister and I growing up. 

While discovering my style and vision as a photographer, I came to realize I really enjoy capturing portraits. Whether it be an engagement announcement, pregnancy announcement, seasonal portraits, or family pictures with fur babies.

I would love to help you record these special times so that you may enjoy and remember them for years to come. 

Let's connect and share these special moments of your life together!



Coming Soon!

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